Top Slot Sites for Sizzling Casino Games: Hot Habanero

Online casino games have different themes that appeal to different crowds of people. These themes range from ancient Egyptian or Rome, to farm or mystic animals. These themes are an important factor of consideration when choosing any online casino game to play. Some of the games featured in top slot sites have attractive themes that appeal to large crowds of people. Hot Habanero is one of the progressive slots free bonus jackpots casino game that attracts a large following courtesy of its appealing old Mexican food theme.

Hot Wins with Habanero Online Slots

As the name suggests, the Hot Habanero has some very hot wins. Like many other games from Cozy Games, this one has two basic symbols; the scatter and wild symbol. These two symbols are used in notifying a player when they have won. The wild symbol can substitute any other symbol except for the scatter and bonus symbols. The two symbols attract a big payout and are the most common symbols in Cozy Games. Hot Habanero is therefore one of the best progressive slots free bonus jackpots games on the web that is featured in all top slot sites.

Cozy Games has a somewhat standard betting system for all its games. Therefore, Hot Habanero is not different from many others at Slotmatic in this regard. Players can bet using coins whose value range between 0.05 and 0.50 each. This is in addition to a player’s ability to bet up to three coins per line for 1 to 15 pay lines.

The Mexican Charm on Slotmatic Pays Out Real Money Wins & Free Spins The game’s unique theme earns it a spot on the list of top slot sites and top online slots. It is available on Slotmatic and all its members can enjoy this sizzling online slots game.

Spinning the reels of the game for a winning combination takes one back to Old Mexico with its string-ties tamales and dried corn husks. To add on to the Mexican charm the reels also feature foods synonymous with Mexico such as Tacos, Burritos and hot sauce, which explains why this game is known as Hot Habanero. The name of the game is actually derived from one of the hottest foods on planet earth, the habanero pepper.

A scene from Old Mexico is never complete without the signature drink Margarita and Hot Habanero keeps true to this tradition. The Margarita is one of the symbols that appear on the reels.

For an exciting progressive slots free bonus jackpots offers, the game is the best option for lovers of Mexican delicacies. This theme differs greatly from some of the popular online slots and slotmatic themes. The beauty of the game is one of the reasons why it can be found in most top slot sites. The Hot Habanero game is not only exciting but is also entertaining to play as it gives a player a glimpse in to another culture while paying out real money wins at the same time.