A Guide to Playing Lucky Devil at Top Online Slot Sites

The wide variety of online slots makes picking favourites difficult for players. This is probably why online casino game directories have become so popular. These sites help players know which are the top online slot sites and the best slots online bonus games. Lucky Devil is one of the popular online slots available to lovers of the slot machine. Like all other online casino games, this online slot game is prescribed to persons over the age of eighteen. This game, which is one of the many online slots at Slotmatic which are developed by Cozy Games is a naughty slot that is exciting and fun to play.

This online slots is a 20-line video slots that features a multiplayer for wild excitement. To add on to the fun, the game features a she-devil scatter that is used to trigger free spins. The betting of the game is pretty much similar to that of many other online slots. The betting system features bets ranging from 1 to 3 coins per line. The minimum spin is from 1 to 20 lines for 0.05, while the maximum bet is 60.0 per spin. This translates to 5p for each coin.

Free Spins and Double Your Winnings? Oh Behave...

The signature feature of this slot machine is the winking red devil. This feature doubles all line winnings. However, there is a catch to this, the winking red devil will only double winnings that it is a part of. The scatter feature is another bonus awarding component of the game. Three scatters will award a player 3x free spins. This also makes line wins with red devils increase six times as much as what is stated in the pay table. For the best slots online bonus, Lucky Devil is one of the games to play. The game has a jackpot prize, which is awarded when a player gets five wild symbols on a pay line

The above mentioned jackpot prize pays 10,000x in the base game and a whopping 30,000x in the free spins. With such bonuses, it is no wonder that this is one of the games to find in top online slot sites. Playing the game is also easy and exciting: First to bet three coins on all twenty lines a player should press the “spin” icon and pray for a win. This should be done when the stake is already set.

Why Slotmatic is the TOP Casino Choice for Online Slots

The auto spin feature of the game allows a player to relax while the game does all the hard work for them. Additionally, the “gamble” icon allows players who are willing to put their wins on the line to do so. This is a risky move that enables a player bet all their wins on the outcome of the spinning card. A correct prediction translates in to a 4 times better payout, while a wrong prediction leads to loss of the wins. The spinning card is usually black or red and a correct prediction will help a player accumulate more winnings. Top online slots sites feature this game among the most popular Slotmatic games on the web