The Best Way to Enjoy Super Top Speed? Online on Slotmatic!

More people who enjoy gambling and playing all the intriguing online slots like Top Speed are now opting for online slots games. As online casinos like Slotmatic become more sophisticated in terms of using the best software, gamers are now able to trust and enjoy online safety as they play. If you've got a need for speed and keen to see how car themed games have been adapted for the online table slots industry, look no further than stripped down and super fast gaming sensation.

Top Features of Slotmatic’s Speed Game

As the name suggests, Top Speed will give you a race for your money, literally. This high speed online slots no deposit bonus game is powered by Cozy Games. It is a race sport for speed enthusiasts.

It is a 5 reel and matching number of pay lines, with a sporty race car theme. The theme is great and winning cannot be any easier as it's been stripped down to the bare essentials to give players a more streamlined experience.

Other notable features that are missing with this table slots game are the free spins, no bonus multiplier and no scatters and wild symbols. Overall, Top Speed will give gamers an exhilarating race that is fun and thrilling on tablet slots. Try it on Slotmatic and get ready to put your money where your mouth is.

Top Free Bonus Online Casino Safety Tips

The world of online gaming can get scary if gamers are not adequately protected. Identity theft and other cyber crimes are more likely to affect online slots and casino users as their primary method of payment is online money transfer. So before you decide to give out your personal details and enjoy a round of Top Speed, ask yourself if the online casino you’re using values your safety and protects you from cyber crimes.

Here is what to look out for before you commit yourself to playing online slots no deposit bonus games or any other online casino game for that matter.


  • First, check the reputation of the online slots sites that you want to join before you give out your personal details
  • While there may be thousands of online casinos, many could be dubious and untrustworthy
  • Genuine sites like Slotmatic must show proof of registration and recognition by a national betting control board


Anything short of that should be approached with caution. Sites that are not regulated by a national neutral body have higher chances of being fakes. Additionally, their games may not be fair and transparent so they are able to cheat players of their money.

Luckily for you Slotmatic ticks all of the above boxes – and then some – so you can enjoy your gambling responsibly, and get well rewarded for it:


  • Get 5 Checkered Flags on a playline and win the top prize
  • Coin values range from 5p to 50p meaning that placing bets is really affordable and encourages players to stick to reasonable limits
  • Jackpot wins up to 30,000
  • Auto-Spin function


Die-hard betting enthusiast will be glad to know that winnings on a spinning game can also be risked to payout up to 4 x the amount. Adrenalin junkies are sure to find their ultimate fix on Top Speed Table Slots at Slotmatic.