Pharaoh Slots and Games – Find Your Hidden Treasure

With this 5 Reel, 10 Payline Mobile Slots game, Slotmatic confirms that it's got different slots and games for just about every season, trend, and craze. For scholars, archeologists, and sociologists, Egyptian Hieroglyphs have been both an obsession and a key to unlocking mysteries of the past for centuries. For the rest of us, Pharaoh Slots and Games are a light-hearted way to understand what that obsession is all about.

It's an online slots game that has an Egyptian theme, which is extremely popular with slots enthusiasts from all countries. The graphics are bright and appealing, with sound effects and music that are both exciting and engaging. Anyone who enjoys Egyptian mythology will really enjoy this game, as it's a completely fresh and original take on a much loved theme.

Re-Discover Ancient Egypt From the Comfort of Your Home.

Old King Tut, Scarab Beetles, the Ankh and of course, the sound eye of Horus are just some of the symbols most people are bound to recognize in this game. Knowing what the symbols represents isn't really that important – just recognising them when it comes to collecting Wild Symbols and Scatters, as well as understanding the pay tables is more than enough.

But don't take our word for it...Register for Slotmatic's free £10 online casino bonus no deposit, and discover how fantastic this game is for yourself! Our bet is that you'll be Googling ' What does the Ankh' represent in no time, and using these little bits of trivia to help immerse yourself into the game even further!

Feeling a little isolated and want some companionship as you embark on your latest adventure? Slotmatic's refer-a-friend bonus should be all the encouragement you need. Get a free £20 bonus for every friend you refer, and see what a difference that will make to your experience. Because this is a mobile slot game, each of your friends can play Pharoah Mobile Slots on their mobile device of choice from Apple and Android, to Samsung and Nokia so you'll share experiences without having to sacrifice your personal game-time!

Awesome Slot Jackpot Bonus Games

This slots game features a bonus system that is fun and appealing to all skills levels. A free spin feature can be triggered by getting the right combination of symbols on the pay-line, which will activate the free spin bonus. Depending on how much money an individual has been betting, along with their luck at the time, they may receive numerous free spins, or just a few.

This element of luck and money is something that excites everyone with a penchant for gambling, for it adds an element of chance, which is something that most slots and games of chance are missing. Another feature that players love is the fact that Pharaoh Slots allows gamers to re-trigger the bonus feature.

This means that at any time during the bonus round, when three more bonus symbols appear on the screen, players will be awarded additional free spins that are added to the total free spins they had to begin with. This is a great incentive for players to keep on going as it means they could potentially earn a substantial amount through the bonus features alone. Which of Pharoah Slots awesome features will you like best? There's only one way to find out...