Scratch Cards No Deposit: Play Cold Cash Online With £10 Free

Cold Cash is a winter themed scratch-cards-no-deposit game from Cozy Games. This is one of the many scratch cards games that these developers have created, and Slotmatic is proud to features them all. The game basically involves winning scratch cards by matching them the appropriate symbols...Pretty Simple huh? The scratch card free bonus can be claimed by matching as many cards as possible.

Some say that Scratch card games are not as entertaining as other casino games such as Slots and Roulette. While there might be some truth in that, no one can deny that they certainly get the blood coursing through our veins on cold winter's days.

Cold Cash has a total of nine spots and ten possible symbols that can appear. To win a prize players have to match 3 of any symbol. The basic icons on this game includes a penguin, a snowman, a snowy evergreen and a polar bear. The top prize in the game goes to the sunny puddle on the ice.

It is a pretty easy game to comprehend and play as it does not require any complex moves. It is one of the scratch-cards-no-deposit games on Slotmatic that has a scratch card free bonus. Players can earn money from playing the game in a number of ways.

Did You Know You Can Win Jackpots On Scratch Games?

First a player can win the jackpot which is worth £100. Alternatively players can also bet their coins to get an increment. The pay outs range between 2x the amount betted and 200x the amount betted. Thus only the best get to walk away with the largest amount of cash from playing the game. The secret behind the popularity and success of Cold Cash lies in the jackpot value, which is less than 10,000. Unlike many other scratch-cards-no-deposit games on Slotmatic, the jackpot value on this game is below 10,000.

It has been proven that most players prefer games with jackpots of less than 10,000 since they are easier to win. Players are almost guaranteed that they will win the Cold Cash jackpot at some point in their gaming experience. The winning scratch cards are likely to get from this game than in most other scratch-cards-no-deposit games on the web.

Win Consistently By Playing Regularly

This is the secret behind the success of the game and why it is easier to get the scratch card free bonus from a game with a low jackpot than from that with a high jackpot. Winning motivates players to continue playing more.

The minimum bet that can be placed in Cold Cash is 0.10, while the maximum bet is 1.00. This is all in a quest to earn the jackpot, which is worth a cool £100. This game attracts an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars on online directories so it's definitely doing a lot of things right. This scratch-cards-no-deposit game is worth a try especially since it is easier to get the winning scratch cards than in most other scratch cards game. The scratch card free bonus can be a great incentive from a website like Slotmatic to their players for them to continue playing the game.