Play Online Slots In the Fantasy World of Wizard Castle

Games transport players from the world of reality to the world of fantasy. Thus, it is no surprise that over half of the world’s population is made up of gamers. Online casino games account for a large percentage of the world’s most popular games. These games are normally digitized versions of physical offline casino games such as Slots, Roulette, and Blackjack among others. Slotmatic might be one of the newest casinos on the block where gamers can play online slots with great bonuses, but Wizard Castle proves that they'll soon also be the best.

Wizard Castle is a unique game that offers five reels and nine pay lines. The game also features a wild symbol that is used to double a player’s bet and a scatter symbol, which is used to award coins and the bonus game. To give it a wizardly appearance developers have put in a blend of mixing bowl symbols, magic books, and the four elements, which are earth, water, fire and wind. The game is sure to appeal to those who are big fans of fantasy and ancient mythology, as there is no escape more pleasurable then when you get to play online slots with an out-of-this-world theme.

Play Fantasy Slots With Real World Bonuses

Apart from the credits and bonus games awarded to players, there are many other reasons why players choose to play online slots on Slotmatic. The first reason is the welcome bonus that players get when they register to become members. This is unlike any brick and mortar casino where players are not awarded any incentive when they enter the casino. The £10 free welcome bonus adds to a player’s peace of mind and gives them more time to play for less. Thus it is cheaper to play slots online like Wizards Castle than it is to play slots offline.

The financial security offered by Slotmatic s also encouraging. Players are able to deposit money in to their accounts discreetly. The fact that a player can play online casino games discreetly encourages many to play online slots. Most websites, Slotmatic included offer match bonuses on all first, second and sometimes third deposits. This means that a player will get additional funds when they deposit money in to their accounts for the first time. This also happens when payers continue to make deposits in the form of cash back bonuses, top up promotions, and loyalty rewards.

Best Online Slots Security and Fair Play Practices

To earn these bonuses some terms and conditions have to be met by players. Persons wishing to play online slots have to adhere to these regulations so its important to read them first. Especially with regards to Wagering Requirements and Withdrawal Amounts.

The deposits and withdrawals can be made either through credit cards or debit cards. Moreover for players who do not feel secure using their credit card for casino transaction, Slotmatic offers other options of payment such as eWallets among others. So enjoy your experience playing Wizard Castle without a worry in the world, because with Slotmatic, your slots journey will always be a safe one.